Online store compliance documents for vehicles from the following brands: Peugeot, Citroën and DS

What is the scope of this website?

The compliance documents website only issues COC Duplicates, partial certificates or descriptive notices for vehicles approved in Europe under the WVTA system.


For how long will the documents provided remain valid?

There is no date on which our documents will cease to be valid.

The documents provided are official and original documents published by Automobiles Peugeot or Automobiles Citroën on special secure paper. As a manufacturer, we are the source of any changes to these documents, both in content and in format. You are therefore guaranteed to always receive a document that is fully compliant with current legislation and valid for all administrations.


How can I track my order?

Once your payment has been validated, you will receive an email confirming the order.

We will send you an invoice by email and then confirmation of dispatch once the document that you ordered has been dispatched.


How long does it take to deliver an order?

Requests are processed within 24 hours, usually on the day following your order (excluding weekends and public holidays), and subject to everything in your file being in order (consistency and legibility of supporting documents).

The average delivery time for certificates shall be 20 working days, except in case of delay by the postal services.


What information and documents are required to place an order?

As well as your full contact details and information about the vehicle(s), you must provide a copy of the vehicle’s current registration certificate. This must be scanned by you.


In Belgium and Luxembourg, what additional evidence should be provided in the event that my foreign vehicle is not approved for use in Europe?

In Belgium and Luxembourg, in order to register a foreign vehicle that is not officially approved for use in Europe, the manufacturer’s plate must display certain information required for national approval. Additional supporting documents will be requested at the time of your order in order to obtain your compliance document:

  • Customs sticker 705 (to be requested from the Customs Office)

  • A photo of the chassis number stamped on the vehicle

  • A photo of the plate(s) already attached to the vehicle (if the manufacturer’s plate(s) is/are not compliant, a new manufacturer’s plate or label must be ordered via the dealership network in Belgium or Luxembourg; an explanatory letter will be sent to you at the same time as the compliance certificate).

These supporting documents should be attached at the time of your order as a single PDF file with your copy of the registration certificate.

You will obtain a national certificate accompanied by an explanatory letter. These documents will then enable you to place an order for a national plate from an official representative of the Brand.

Any costs associated with ordering and attaching the plate will be invoiced to you by the official representative of the Brand.


What types of files are accepted?

Only attached files with the following extensions are accepted:

  • Image: JPG, PNG
  • Other: PDF

    Moreover, the maximum file size must not exceed 2 MB. You will be asked to reduce the file size if necessary.


    How much does a document cost?

    The price of COC Duplicates/partial certificates or descriptive notices is fixed (EUR 220). The price is in euros, including all taxes.


    What are the delivery costs?

    Delivery costs are included in the price, regardless of the type and number of documents ordered.


    Which payment methods are accepted?

    Payment for documents is only taken by credit/debit card (CB, Visa or Mastercard).

    If you wish to use another method of payment, please contact us, sending us a request by email using the following contact form (Contact tab) with “Compliance COC/Certificate/Declaration” provided as the nature of the request, and we will send you the procedure to follow by post.


    Is my transaction secure?

    Payment transactions are processed by a secure server. The data entered is encrypted and transmitted only to our payment partner as a part of the transaction.


    I have not received my order, what do I do?

    If you do not receive your order within one week of receiving our email confirmation, please contact us, sending us a request by email using the following contact form (Contact tab) with “Compliance COC/Certificate/Declaration” provided as the nature of the request, and indicating your order number.


    How valid are documents ordered from other websites?

    This site (www.coc.psa-peugeot-citroen.com) is the official website of these three brands: Automobiles Peugeot, Citroën and DS. Automobiles Peugeot and Automobiles Citroën are the only companies authorised to issue original documents and duplicates.

    We are not responsible for the validity of documents ordered from other websites. Automobiles Peugeot and Citroën have no connection with these websites.


    What documents are issued?

    Different documents can be provided according to the specifications of your vehicle and the regulations in force (compliance certificates, declarations, notices etc.). These are specifically listed on the website.

    Documents will always be adapted in order to allow you to register your vehicle regardless of its configuration, and you have our absolute guarantee that the document provided will be accepted by the authorities. As a manufacturer, we have all the expertise necessary to make this administrative process a smooth one for you.

    If your vehicle is not approved (e.g. a converted vehicle or non-compliant vehicle) for the country in which you wish to register or re-register it, it must be submitted for Individual Vehicle Approval to the local type-approval authority in the country in question. This authority is responsible for ensuring that your vehicle complies with regulatory technical requirements. Individual Vehicle Approval is an essential prerequisite for obtaining your registration certificate from licensing authorities. The compliance documents that we provide to you for Individual Vehicle Approval do not guarantee that you can register your vehicle, as only the local type-approval authority in the country concerned is authorised to do this.


    Is a COC still necessary for the registration of a foreign vehicle in France?

    A COC is no longer mandatory for the registration of vehicles which comply with European type-approval standards.
    A CE-type COC may be required if your registration certificate does not permit your vehicle to be registered in France. 


    Is a COC still necessary for the registration of a foreign vehicle in Belgium?

    If you wish to import a vehicle that has previously been registered in another Member State of the European Union into Belgium, we advise that you seek advice from the technical inspection authority in the Belgian region into which you wish to import your vehicle, to find out whether or not a duplicate COC is required.


    Are vehicles imported from outside the European Union accepted?

    For vehicles imported from a country outside the European Union, please contact us prior to importing the vehicle, by contacting the import network for Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) or the Customer Relations Department in the country of destination of the vehicle for other EU countries (Contact tab), in order to find out whether your vehicle can be registered (the registration of some vehicles may not actually be permitted in some national territories).


    How do I get a purchase invoice?

    In addition to the printable information available on the website at the end of the transaction, you will automatically be sent an invoice to your email address upon validation of the payment.


    Can I enter several requests at the same time?

    Only one compliance document request can be entered at a time. One request must be entered per vehicle.


    Can I have a document sent to another address?

    When entering the applicant’s details. Enter the delivery address: the address where you wish to receive the compliance document. Please ensure that the address you enter is valid. Any repeat delivery resulting from a customer entering an incorrect mailing address will be invoiced at the price of EUR 40 including tax if the request arrives within one month of the original request. After one month, the document will be invoiced at the same rate as a first request.


    Can I cancel my request?

    An explicit request for cancellation must be made by email using the following contact form (Contact tab) with “Compliance COC/Certificate/Declaration” provided as the nature of the request, indicating the order number and specifying the reason for the cancellation. After confirming the cancellation, we will cancel your request and process your refund if the request has not yet been processed.


    Can my request be refused?

    In the event of a discrepancy between the order placed and the real reason for the request (for example, ordering a specimen instead of an identification certificate for a registration), we will send you an explanatory note by email and will initially ask you to send us the correct supporting documents.

    In the event that we cannot issue the requested document, we reserve the right to cancel your request and issue a refund.


    Which brands are supported?

    The only vehicles that we support are from the Automobiles Citroën, Peugeot and DS brands, having serial numbers starting with VF3 or VF7 (box E on the registration certificate). Vehicles from the following brands are not supported: Matra, Simca and Talbot.


    Who is this website for?

           All private customers and companies.