Online store compliance documents for vehicles from the following brands: Peugeot, Citroën and DS



The website accessible at https://coc.psa-peugeot-citroen.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”) is intended for the personal information of the Internet users who use it.

Access to and use of the Website shall be subject to these legal notices (hereinafter referred to as the “Legal Notices”) detailed below, as well as to applicable laws and/or regulations.

Access to the Website is free of charge except for any connection fees charged by your provider. Connection and access to the Website assumes the Internet user’s full and unreserved acceptance of all the provisions of these Legal Notices.




The Website is published by:

AUTOMOBILES PEUGEOT, a limited company with a capital of EUR 172,711,770 with its registered office at 2-10 Boulevard de l’Europe – 78300 POISSY, FRANCE RCS VERSAILLES B 552 144 503


And by

AUTOMOBILES CITROËN, a limited company with a capital of EUR 159,000,000 with its registered office at 2-10 Boulevard de l’Europe – 78300 POISSY, FRANCE RCS VERSAILLES B 642 050 199.


(These two companies being hereinafter referred to jointly as “the Publisher”).


Head of Publishing: Laurent Barria.

Joint Head of Publishing: Thomas Dagommer


Website Manager: François Marmousez/Stéphane Salomon
Email address of website: coceurope@mpsa.com

Website host: PSA Group
Address: Centre Technique d’Achères – Rond Point Jenatzy – 78 300 Poissy – France        




The Publisher has created this Website for the personal information of its users. No commercial use, even partial, is permitted of any data displayed thereon without the prior written approval of the Publisher.

The Publisher advises users of the Website that many elements of it:

  1. are protected by copyright legislation, including, in particular, photographs, articles, designs, animations and digital audio or video recordings etc.;
  2. and/or are protected by legislation concerning designs and models: these are, in particular, the vehicle models that appear on the Website;
  3. the following are protected by trademark legislation: these are the “PEUGEOT” trademark, the “complete stylised lion” (representing the PEUGEOT logo), the “CITROËN” trademark, the “double chevron” logo, the “DS Automobiles” trademark, the “DS” logo, the semi-figurative “PSA PEUGEOT CITROËN” trademark, as well as the trademarks relating to vehicle models displayed on the Website.

The elements thus protected are the property of the Publisher, its subsidiaries and/or third parties which have authorised the Publisher to use them.

Consequently, any reproduction, representation, use, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation or marketing, in part or in full, by means of any process in any form and on whatever medium (paper, digital etc.), of all or part of the Website is prohibited without the prior written authorisation of the Publisher (subject to the exceptions mentioned in article L122.5 of the French Intellectual Property Code), will constitute an offence of infringement of copyright and/or of designs and models and/or of trademarks, punishable by three (3) years’ imprisonment and a fine of EUR 300,000 in the case of copyright infringement and four (4) years’ imprisonment and a fine of four hundred thousand euros (EUR 400,000) in the case of trademark infringement.




4.1 – Personal Data

Access to the Website is possible without the Internet user having to reveal their identity or any other personal data relating to them.

Internet users are informed that the information that may be collected via the Website, particularly when placing an order, is collected by the Publisher to be used to process the order by the latter, its subsidiaries, its sales network, any company that offers a service on behalf of the Publisher and/or any company belonging to the same Group as the Publisher, and may also be used for the purpose of offering commercial products, search and analysis services.

As a part of its activities, the Publisher may need to transmit the collected data to other countries, for one of the purposes for which the data was initially collected or for the objectives to which the Internet users subsequently consented. Where this data is transferred to another country, the Publisher shall take all necessary measures to avoid causing any harm. The data is transferred only to countries where an adequate level of data protection is guaranteed. The data may be transferred to countries that are not members of the European Union.

In accordance with French law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, on Information Technology, Files and Civil Liberties, every user is entitled to access and amend any personal information relating to them, as well as the right to object to the processing of such information. This right can be exercised at:



Head office – 2-10, Boulevard de l’Europe – 78300 POISSY, FRANCE



Head office – 2-10, Boulevard de l’Europe – 78300 POISSY, FRANCE


The Website was the subject of a personal data processing declaration implemented in the context of a website with the CNIL, namely Declaration No. 1949776 dated 20/04/2016.


4.2 – Cookies

The user is informed that the Website uses a system of cookies. The user is therefore informed that upon visiting the Website, cookies may be installed automatically in their Internet browser.

Cookies are files sent to the user’s hard disk in order to facilitate navigation of the Website and to record usage statistics. These cookies do not, under any circumstances, contain personal information.

The user can deactivate the sending of cookies by modifying their browser’s settings.



The publication of a hyperlink to the Website requires prior written authorisation from the Publisher.

In any case, the Publisher is not, under any circumstances, liable for the content or the products and services offered on websites to which the Website is linked by hyperlinks or any other type of link.



– The Internet user undertakes, when using the Website, not to carry out any action likely to lead to infection by viruses and computer or operational failures, or any kind of failure that may affect the operation of the Website or any server or service accessible through the Website. In particular, the Internet user undertakes to enter or upload, into the space constituting the Website, only information, data, documents and files that are safe and inoffensive and that are not likely to affect the operation of the Website or any server or service accessible through the Website.

– Any use made of the Website or any server or service accessible through the Website must comply with current national and international laws and regulations, as well as the rights of third parties and must not harm the reputation of the Publisher for any reason and in any form whatsoever. In particular, the Internet user indemnifies the Publisher against any action by third parties related to the content of the information made available by the Internet user in the space constituting the Website, in particular those resulting from an infringement of personal rights, intellectual property rights, public order, good morals, respect for privacy (image rights etc.) or any criminal provisions of current national and/or international law. As such, the Internet user undertakes to indemnify the Publisher against any fees, costs and expenses that would be incurred as a result, including reasonable fees and costs for counsel sought by the Publisher.



– The products or services presented on the Website are for sale in Europe in the countries mentioned on the Website, to users who are natural persons and, in France only, to users who are legal persons, and these may vary from country to country or may not be available in all countries of the world.

– The Internet user takes sole responsibility for their use of the Website. The Publisher and its subsidiaries may not be held liable for direct or indirect damage, such as, in particular, material damage, loss of data or program, financial damage resulting from the use of the Website or any sites linked to it.

The Publisher would like to draw attention to the fact that certain products or services presented on the Website may be subject to special regulations or even restrictions and/or prohibitions in some countries.

– The Website is accessible via the Internet.

– Please be aware that the Internet is an open and informal network, consisting of the international interconnection of computer networks. Internet management is not subject to any central entity and each portion of this network belongs to an independent public or private body. Its operation is therefore based on cooperation between the operators of the different networks without any obligation of supply or quality of supply between operators. Networks may have uneven transmission capacity and their own usage policies. No one can guarantee the proper operation of the Internet as a whole. Consequently, the Publisher does not accept any liability or provide any guarantee in the event of malfunction of the Internet (delay in transmissions or any other malfunction).



The Publisher may at any time, whether temporarily or not, suspend an Internet user’s access to the Website in the event of: a breach of these Legal Notices by the Internet user, without prejudice to any other rights and actions for the benefit of the Publisher, due to technical problems relating to the infrastructure set up for the online implementation and operation of the Website or for maintenance of the Website.



In the event of a dispute relating to these Legal Notices and to the Website, only the courts of Paris will have jurisdiction, unless required by law to the contrary. They shall rule exclusively under French domestic law, excluding rules relating to conflicts of law and without prejudice to the legal provisions of the country of residence of the user to which no exemption may be made.



The Publisher reserves the right to modify and update, without notice, these Legal Notices and all elements, products or services presented on the Website.

All of these changes apply to Internet users who must consult these Legal Notices each time that they connect to the Website. The user is deemed to have accepted the latest version of the Legal Notices each time they connect to the Website.


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